Ukraine Conflict

MJanimo has its headquarters in the Polish city of Krakow and is therefore very close to the Russia-Ukranie conflict. Traditionally, since we are only 250 km away from the Ukrainian border, we have Ukrainian employees, customers and business relationships with Ukrainians.

For days, the events have not let us go due to the most diverse things. Our employees need time off to take care of family in Ukraine. Clients are extremely nervous about their investments in Poland, private or as an investor. We receive information around the clock about the situation of the employees’ families. Not much can be done at the moment. That will certainly emerge in the next few days as to how we can react here. Can offer our help.

Nervousness is also becoming more visible in Poland. Cash is withdrawn, a lot is exchanged for dollars and euros, so that in the normal offices and banks on Friday no exchange was possible in Kraków. We tried it.

The reservations/purchases in our latest projects are being canceled one by one. Only the foreign customers from overseas have no concerns and keep calm. The situation is different with the Poles / Ukrainians themselves.

In addition to the major economic effects, the regional business areas will also quickly feel the effects. It is currently not up for debate whether projects that have already started should be stopped. However, it is not possible to estimate how the planned projects for 2022/23 will develop now.

And the circle would come full circle again: it would be fatal, especially for our Ukrainian employees, to have problems building up an private existence in Poland after a few years of hard work.