Property sale

Modernisierung Privatkunden

Private property sale

Private property sale: free of commission to sell ?

When selling real estate as a private property sale, you have to stand out positively from the real estate offer in the Luxembourg, EIFEL, Moselle region and the usual real estate agents.

Both, the real estate portal and smaller agent offices cannot offer MJanimo’s overall service.

Ultimately, we try to broker your property commission-neutral by addressing our direct contacts. We do not act as a pure broker, but help to find the right buyer through direct contacts and network and the associated planning.

A private property sale is a matter of trust. MJanimo is not dependent on the commission, does not primarily work for the commission and is not looking for a quick deal.

We work out the concept for the seller of a property to achieve the best possible price. Prices that are too low just to get a quick commission are therefore out of the imagination with us.


Many properties in the real estate offer can be sold better with modernization. However, in many cases the seller cannot / does not want to take care of this matter. For reasons of time or financial reasons.

MJanimo therefore develops the concept here and also presents it in 3D photo-realistic, so that the buyer recognizes the potential even without real realization at that point. Through this planning, the budget is also calculated and sellers and buyers have a real budget that can be negotiated. Realistic and honest for both sides.


The same applies to the renovation backlog of a property. Often these have to be sold at a high discount as the buyers are significantly overcharging the renovation and the seller is not really able to proof it. Here too, planning helps to set the budget.

Conversation / Extension

A private property sale of a property often has more potential than initially seen. You can see the property, including the property and the surrounding area, as it’s common.

The independent view is left to the agents, the potential buyers. Of course, this is not discussed openly out of self-interest… each party pursues its own interests. That’s legitimate.

Right from the start, we discuss with our customers what options there are overall and, above all, which buyers come into consideration after the expansion and conversion concept has been planned.

Sentences like “… with expansion potential… with conversion potential..” does not show the buyer what he could achieve with it. Without specific ideas, which are also supported by detailed planning and visualization, these are pure phrases. MJanimo plans and visualizes these possibilities. This is not offered by any normal broker or portal


We offer a non-binding and free initial consultation and discuss the ideas with our customers. Gladly also initially via video conference and/or telephone.

After, if both parties have the confidence to be the right partners, the next steps will be implemented.

Our opinion on the project initially is for free. It’s an independent assessment.

For example, if there is an upstream collaboration, here is the planning process for private customers.


First, we estimate the project and give a feedback.

After the first ideas for marketing are defined and, depending on the type of cooperation, the plans and visualizations are created. We initially contact confidentially to potential buyers without advertising on portals etc.

Of course, this also creates a level of confidentiality that sellers also prefer. Many visits and annoying conversations with potential buyers that occur through portals and brokers are largely eliminated.

All preliminary discussions first take place at MJanimo. Anonymity remains for a very long time, sometimes completely guaranteed. Not every customer wants to announce their intention to sell in order to avoid rumors and the public.

That is why we are here.


Of course, we also need remuneration for our work.

The seller can go down to zero if the buyer decides to plan and continue working with MJanimo. We always aim to work neutrally or as cost-neutrally as possible for the seller.

Our remuneration should primarily be generated through subsequent projects with conversion, modernization, renovation and extensions in Luxembourg, EIFEL, Moselle and throughout Germany.

Conclusion and benefits of a private property sale

MJanimo is not commission-oriented! We don’t have to focus on making a quick sale just to get the reward/commission.

We see a real estate sale holistically. Planning and potential are not just hinted at. These are specifically developed and visualized in cooperation!

Our goal is to achieve the best possible sale price for the seller.

Ultimately, our aim is to sell the private property at no cost to the seller. The private real estate seller is commission-free is existing….

We are always nearby and available.