What is the work of an interior designer?

Interior designer plan a house from “inside out”. It’s not just about the visual design of the interior, but also and with focus on the functional design of the interior: Where does a door make sense? Where should the laundry room go? Where do windows make sense, where does storage space need to go?
The interior designer solves all of these basic and important questions about the functional design of rooms in a professional way.

The focus is on the residents with their way of life and their needs!

Basically an architect can also plan such things – in most cases, however, when building a house, he doesn’t takes care of such aspects, or only less in all the project.
Mostly, the needs / demands of the future residents are represented a little bit in the floor plan – as a rule, however, the architect primarily takes care of the house of itself and its construction.

Since a great facade of a building is of no use when it comes to living and living as well as possible in a house, having everything in a practical and right place…. hiring an interior designer is definitely worthwhile in many cases.

There are usually no additional costs, because the budget is saved throughout good planning.

How is an interior designer working at MJanimo ?

Interior designers at MJanimo work classic due to their general studies for interior design.

In most of the cases they are specialists in different areas such as private building, business (office), gastronomy, public buildings etc. However, without exception, the result is presented to the customer and planned with a photo-realistic 3D visualization / rendering.

Our customers will see the planned result in advance, it couldn’t be more realistic.