Why MJanimo 3D Render for Renovation?

What is MJanimo 3D Render?

With the help of graphic representations, many complex processes and phenomena can be better illustrated and understood more quickly

How is MJanimo doing visualization 3D Render?

The “object” is developed from floor plans. First, the space is created (this can be a building, extension, room, etc.). Then all affected elements are selected and the design is determined. At first the basic elements such as wall structures, windows, ceilings, floors (coverings) etc.

Even with an external visualization, all elements and details are shown, that you get the complete impression of how it (can) look like. Window shapes, colors, doors, wall colors, roof and roof connections etc. etc. terrace connections, garden connection, entrance etc…

 After installations and facilities (kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, etc.) follows. Once all the basic equipment has been created, the decoration is also shown. This is the only way to get a realistic and coherent picture of the object.

 Critics say that the decoration is already too much detail and that the customer doesn’t need it. He would do it himself anyway… However, every customer is happy to be advised, whether in the shop or with a craftsman etc… so why not present the whole thing from a single source?

From an interior designer who knows the entire project and knows what fits together and what works together. Does the specialist salesman come to the customer’s home and check which lamp, which carpet, or what ever really fits into the house, the apartment, the room? Usually not… MJanimo brings virtually all transactions to the customer’s home through visualization!

Choose and see the effect virtually: in the area where it should go.

Vielen Kunden fehlen die Ideen und zusätzlich können sie sich das Zusammenspiel aller Dinge nicht vorstellen, wie es wirkt, was sie zum Beispiel im Internet oder Geschäft gesehen haben. Deshalb gibt es ja diese Berufe wie Innenarchitekt, Architekt etc. Ein Architekt ist kein Innenarchitekt. Jeder hat sein Metier. Der eine baut Häuser, der andere stattet sie aus. Man merkt den Unterschied. Ein Maschinenbauer versteht auch was von Elektrik, aber eben nicht so wie ein Elektroingenieur. Oder ?

Many customers don’t have the ideas and additionally they can’t imagine the interaction of all things, how it works, what they have seen on the internet or in the shop, for example. That’s why there are professions like interior designer, architects etc.

An architect is not an interior designer. Everyone has his own metier. The one builds houses, the other furnishes them. You can see the difference. A mechanical engineer also understands something about electronics, but not in the same way as an electrical engineer. Or not?

We support the projects from “inside” to “outside“. The first priority is how someone wants to live and what they want to achieve with the project. This is “visualized” so that our customer gets the feeling that it will be the way he wanted it.

We bring all ideas home to our customer and integrate them into the new project for him. Variants can be compared, budgets can be adjusted until everything fits.

Customers look at the images online over and over again. Until they are sure: this is how it should be! Then it will be implemented with a good feeling.

What needs MJanimo for 3D visualization?

Information, descriptions, wishes, any drawings/plans/sketches if available… During the meetings, we record these things together with the customer.

What is the benefit of a MJanimo visualization?

Humans take in a lot of information optically, mainly through their eyes, and can then process it quickly. In particular, the connections and interactions.

No seller, architect or craftsman can “explain” that. Even if that is still the standard today.

Many customers do not know anything else and have therefore not had the need for it until now.

It’s different with us. For a long time. Time savings, peace of mind for decisions, no pressure to sell, always and everything available at home.

Greater choice than local shops and craftsmen, personal, complete freedom – no restriction by the specialty shop, the craftsman, the contractor etc…

Why is not every company offering a fotorealistic visualization?

Visualization is a complex job that requires years of experience. In order to then implement it cost-effectively for the customer. These people are missing or it is not common in the respective countries and therefore expensive.

MJanimo specializes in this. We work exclusively with visualization. That’s why we are fast and therefore cost-effective. A company that only has a project here and there where this is required cannot afford the software and specialists. It’s just unprofitable.

What are the different 3D Visualization programs existing?

  • Kitchen planners
  • 3D planner
  • Furniture planer
  • etc…
  • Building planners..

These programs help to get a basic impression, but have nothing to do with a professional, photo realistic visualization like MJanimo offers.

Why “fotorealistic” 3D Render?

Only the photo-real visualization gives our customer a 100% feeling of understanding everything correctly. There must be no more room for “imagination”.

MJanimo masters this perfectly and clients does not have to do without it. This has a significant influence on the customer’s decision, possibly on marketing and investment security.

Ultimately, it shortens the project, since all decision-making processes are visualized much faster.

For marketing, investment security, shortening of the project etc. etc.

Example car purchase:

When buying a car today, the engine, consumption and CO2 emissions are important. At the end, however, the optics (the visual stimuli) are decisive.

Just believe what you see!

Therefore, with our technology we help to give the customer exactly that: the detailed, optical impression of total ambience, the project (and not just a part).

Where MJanimo offers this services?

We offer our service all over the EIFEL / Moselle area (Bitburg, Prüm, Wittlich, Daun, Irrel, Bernkastel-Kues, Trier and beyond….) and Luxembourg from Malbergweich.