Private clients

Only believe, what you can see!


New building, conversion, expansion, modernization …. all topics which we join our private clients.

For the “visible” works and equipment, we rely 100% on photo realistic visualization-rendering. Means, our clients see what results they should get before the start and the order and this before the investment. In today’s modern times it is completely unnecessary to do without 3D visualization of all details.

The often heard argument: “… the customer doesn’t need that …” comes mostly from suppliers which doesn’t offer this modern and common services.

Our customers receive the most modern service: independent, neutral and in the interests of the client. We provide consulting, planning and, if required, support during the project. If it makes sense, the installation or execution as well.

At the end, the modern approach doesn’t cost more than the classic way of investment.

However, with a lot more security to spend the money on what you want. No more and no less.